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Why do six busy people give up a whole day?

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

To gain knowledge to increase their wealth? Actually, in some ways yes…

Each of us attended with different motivations, ways of working and skills from our diverse backgrounds.

We took the opportunity to think about what we, as a local timebank, have tried, learnt, what we were pleased and concerned about. This whakatauki comes to mind, Titiro whakamuri, kokiri whakamua (Look back and reflect, so you can move forward). Check out the pics to see what came from that process – although this didn’t quite equate to creating clearly formed next steps, it certainly gave us shared insight into the enormous efforts of so many over the last 18 months … He tino pai to mahi.

Key standouts for me as a Trust member:

TimeBank Manawatu has a robust core:  both in structure and people

Passion for growing our timebank: both in numbers as well as nurturing current members to gain confidence in offering skills and to ask for the help when needed.

 All of us struggle with the asking, Kiwis would much rather be the ‘helper’ yet a timebank doesn’t function without requests – a learning curve for everyone involved. If there were no barriers, what task would ask you for help with?

To answer the why we gave a up a day: strategic planning but if I said that before you might have stopped reading.

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